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How your haunted lips breathe life into a ghost.

March 4, 2009

I have been single for eight months now. In my endless quest for mutually reciprocated love, I gave another chance to someone I had dated only very briefly before.  After a few weeks of casual dating I realized it would not work this time either.

I also accepted a date from someone who I would not normally consider dating. No reason in particular, I suppose. Just not where my mind initially went. But I decided perhaps that is my problem. I should branch out and date people I wouldn’t normally consider. I am looking forward to it, and hoping that my heart catches up with my brains new plan.

On a similar note, I am catching up with old friends whom I haven’t seen in years. It feels wonderful. I am also participating in a craft fair in Heber Springs. Springfest. April 24-25, I think. You should all come and buy my wares.

I am also craving a good William Blackart show. If Kyle doesn’t play soon, I might go crazy. Let me know if you catch wind of anything.

Till then. *tips hat*

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