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At Least Someone is Accomplishing Something

August 31, 2009

Nick got all the supplies for his EMT class today.  A couple of books and a bag full of doctor-type things. He’s so excited about the class and he comes home excited to show me what he learned.


I’m proud of him.  For having it figured out. For knowing what he wants and being on the path to get there. For being excited about it.

I’m living vicariously thorough him, since I have yet to figure out what to do with my life. I’m growing  more confident in my silly dream of owning a store though. It seems more real and plausible to me now. Maybe that’s because I have someone telling me that I can do what I want to. Someone who tells me that I could make it happen. That’s nice. It’s nice to have someone who believes in you at those times when you are not sure if you believe in yourself.

Today is our five month mark. For me, that’s exciting. It means I’ve gone five months without finding a fatal flaw or getting bored. An amazing accomplishment! I’m kind of tired of relationships that run out of air so quickly. I’m glad this one hasn’t. Maybe I’ve found something worth hanging on to.


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