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Yoko Ono

September 29, 2009

So I started following Yoko Ono on Twitter, and she sent me a direct message and followed me back! I know this may be all automated and whatever, but it seemed really exciting to me, so don’t burst my bubble. Look!

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Yoko Onoyokoono Thanks for following! love, yoko IMAGINE PEACE: Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE www.IMAGINEPEACE.comabout 15 hours ago

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    Yoko Ono | New York Following

    YOPOB Live at The Royal Festival Hall. 4 videos on YouTube. Please rate and comment! More info  about 1 hour ago

    Ria Bonasera

    im sooo bored! nid 2 find sth 2 do! any suggestions?  about 6 hours ago

    Katie Mullins | Arkansas Following

    This week in life: being a geologist, driving to little rock, eating spinach pizza, science concepts class and seeing my nicole all weekend.  8:43 PM Sep 27th

    Amber Heaton Following

    I’m working on this whole “patience” thing.  5:09 PM Sep 24th

    Stephen Meeker | Russellville Arkansas Following

    Oh my god, so full of food. Family reunion ftw.  4:51 PM Sep 26th


    Trying not to justify $250 for the complete BSG on Blu-Ray.  3 minutes ago

    Brandon Nolan | Russellville, Arkansas Following

    Countdown to TPK via Elder Purple Worm= 58:41:13…  about 6 hours ago

    Adam Kittrell | Arkansas Following

    @Jessjex go st louis  about 20 hours ago


    @shawnaelise Don’t cry!  11:14 AM Sep 28th

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