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Same Sex Classes

December 13, 2009

I wish they had given me the option for same sex classes when I was still in school. I think I would have greatly benefited from being in an all-girls class for Math and Science. I am stereotypically weak in these subjects, and I think that having the subjects taught to me in a way that is catered toward the female mind would have helped me a lot. And I definitely know guys who would have benefited from an all male Language Arts and English class. However, I do not think this should be mandatory. I think there should be co-ed classes and single-sex classes. Which class you are in is determined by the collaborative opinions of the parents, child and school counselor.

This also brings us into the “Counselor” subject. I have a firm belief that there are not enough counselors per school and they do not have enough one on one time with the kids. My school was small enough that the counselor actually got to know each one of us individually. I would say my visits with her helped me out tremendously throughout my school career.

The video is on, but I can’t seem to get the link to copy. Sorry. 😦

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